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Robert McDougal of Orange County Targets Challenges Older ESL Learners Face

Robert McDougal of Orange County specializes in ESL and recognizes adults require a unique approach when boosting English skills.

Learning a second language is never easy, but it can be more difficult as people age. Robert McDougal of Orange County says it isn’t an inability to learn. Instead, it can be a lack of intriguing, challenging material in the classroom.

His experience educating multiple age groups has taught Robert McDougal of Orange County that adult ESL learners need practical lessons and a direct approach to fully engage and develop skills.

ESL lessons for young people often focus on social chatter and trendy topics. Robert McDougal of Orange County says adults need more. Many adult students not only want to learn English but need to as a stepping stone to pursuing higher education or starting a new career.Robert Bouton McDougal Orange

Robert McDougal of Orange County recommends incorporating real-life assignments into lesson plans to provide students with the English skills they need and the ability to excel at other necessary tasks.

For example, writing can include expanding on information in a job application and common work-related terms while conversations in class may be staged as job interviews.

Traditional English lessons focused on life skills can also be more dynamic and adult centric, such as helping students learn all necessary language for utilizing public transit. By creating dynamic lessons, the adult class improves vocabulary and comprehension. They also learn how to navigate areas that can be tricky for even native speakers.

The focus also extends beyond introduction to better introductions according to Robert McDougal of Orange County. It elevates chatter beyond social chit-chat to more formal tones and word usage one would encounter in the workplace or in school.

There is also a critical thinking component to encourage problem-solving or thinking ahead from day one instead of drilling vocabulary alone said Robert McDougal of Orange County.

For example, a class focused on public safety may introduce fire prevention and safety terminology and then ask safety based questions, such as “How do you escape a smoke-filled room?” The student would provide an answer like “Crawl below the smoke,” in English. This can then be expanded on with student presentations on safety.

Robert McDougal of Orange County said having students explain topics in multiple formats creates additional confidence. Adding a presentation or lecture component for students helps them develop public speaking skills to enhance current and future job opportunities.

Instructors must also be prepared to introduce complex but interesting material to adult students. ESL learners ready to enter the workforce need to be able to process information and act on it, but this doesn’t mean starting students out with dull manuals for certificate programs according to Robert McDougal of Orange County.

Instead, choose an engaging short fictional story that increases vocabulary and comprehension while providing an opportunity to discuss the story itself and engage adult learners at a new level.

Robert Bouton McDougal

Robert Bouton McDougal of Orange County Discusses Method of Learning English Faster

English has often been called one of the most fun languages to learn, but it can often be one of the most challenging. This is true especially for non-English speakers that want to learn the language. In this article, Robert Bouton McDougal discusses some methods for learning ESL (English as a Second Language) fast.Robert Bouton McDougal Orange County

The key, Robert McDougal of Orange County says, is to commit time to become totally immersed in the language. He says being around other native speakers will help you learn the language faster than going to ESL classes alone.
Some of the ways you can be around people and hear the English language being spoken in its native form are as follows:

Read everything you can, Robert McDougal of Orange County says. This includes books, magazines, online articles, blog posts, and news clips. When you read the written language as opposed to simply hearing it, you’re training your brain to associate the written word with the spoken term. This helps to pick the language up much faster than simply by listening to it.

Next, Robert McDougal of Orange County says listen to everything you can. Robert Bouton McDougal says by listening to as much as you can, you’ll be exposed to many more types of dialects and accents as well as more terminology than you’ll have in ESL class alone. Some of places to listen to native speakers include television, radio, YouTube videos, tutorials, movies, and interviews.

If you listen to native English speakers online, try to the “closed caption” turned on, so you can get the term on the screen along with the spoken word. Closed caption can be helpful, he adds, but be aware there are plenty of mistakes with closed captioning that might be confusing at times. One method that Robert McDougal of Orange County teaches his advanced students is that when you’re listening to a recording of native speakers, try imagining the written text appearing along with the spoken word, in a sort of imaginary closed-caption context. Once you master this, Robert McDougal adds, the language barrier will seem to disappear, allowing for better comprehension and conversation skills.

A fun shortcut that some learners take is by having a native-speaking buddy that is willing to talk with you. Encourage your friend to talk only in the English language and to use visuals if necessary, to get the message across. Many times, a buddy will be able to correct any mispronunciations or misinterpretations as you make them, making your education much richer than without them.

Another way to learning ESL faster is to write down new terms as you learn them. Robert McDougal of Orange County says if you’re just starting out, writing down new terms will help reinforce them in your mind as you learn them. If you don’t know the meaning of the term, that’s okay – you can always ask someone later.

Robert McDougal of Orange County also recommends new learners recording themselves in conversation when just beginning to learn English. Then, after you’ve had at least six months of tutorials and practice, record yourself again. This will boost even the slowest learner since you’ll be able to see how much you’ve learned in a short amount of time. “There’s nothing like motivation to keep us going, Robert McDougal of Orange County says.

Robert Bouton McDougal is a seasoned educator and language learning expert in Orange County, CA. With a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in English Language Learning, TESOL certification, and a robust teaching history across the U.S. and Central America, Robert McDougal of Orange County has years of experience helping non-native English speakers learn to speak English. Robert Bouton McDougal approaches every classroom and tutoring challenge with optimism and perseverance. If you are seeking a private English tutor for yourself or a loved one, Robert McDougal is a trained professional with the combined years of education and experience to put you on the fast track to fluency.

Robert McDougal Says More People Need To Know About TESOL Certification

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa

Robert McDougal is an English educator living in Costa Mesa, California. He has traveled across the United States, teaching English to Spanish-speaking students.

It is his own education that has allowed him to connect with people through language. Robert McDougal has a Master’s Degree in English Language Learning. He is passionate about teaching and happy that he made it his career of choice.

His experience and degree permit him to build relationships. It also grants him the ability to learn about the education system.

Meeting with people of other cultures has taught him about different learning styles. It also provides a better understanding of the level of knowledge they have earned.

Robert McDougal received his TESOL certification and encourages other educators to do the same. But there are still many people who do not know what TESOL means.

Formally, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, it is now TESOL International Association.

Founded in 1966, it is the largest professional organization for teachers of English as a second language. TESOL is based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Those certified can help others learn how to speak English, just as Robert McDougal does.

Teachers generally start their careers in education excited to learn. Over time, they want to expand their knowledge and teaching skills. When you choose to get TESOL certification, you receive many great benefits. Growth as a teacher is one of them.

You gain the ability to expand the lives you change. Teaching English is a great way to help others fall in love with the language.

“Many people struggle with becoming bilingual and need help from a qualified person. It makes becoming familiar with TESOL even more essential. More teachers should consider broadening their language skills, ” says Robert McDougal.

Students depend on us to learn and understand their world. It is already challenging for them to live in a society where English is the first language, let alone trying to gain an education.

How can we expect students who do not speak English to learn math and science from instructors who teach only in English?

It becomes harder to achieve at school and to graduate with the class. Passing a course where the instructor does not speak the same language is next to impossible. With a TESOL certification, you can help change the lives of many students.

Knowing many languages is also great when looking for a job. It not only opens up the minds of learners, but it expands their opportunities too.

Learn more about the Californian teacher, Robert McDougal, by visiting his website:

Robert McDougal Disagrees With Educators Who Say They Cannot Reach Every Student

Robert McDougal Costa Mesa An experienced educator, Robert McDougal, has a master’s degree in English Language Learning. He also has TESOL certification, classroom experience, and has worked at learning centers.

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa has a robust teaching history. His expertise grants him the right to share what he has learned about education.

Robert McDougal has traveled all across the US for teaching purposes. Robert has come up against many educators who feel they cannot reach every student. But Robert disagrees with this notion. Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa associates this sort of thinking with a willingness to give up on students. To forget about those who do not learn the way some teachers teach.

Robert McDougal says, “Schools need to do a better job at reflecting the learning styles of every student, starting with educators.”

Every student needs to have a voice about their education and access to educators who listen. Students should feel comfortable sharing their struggles with school. Teachers should be ready to provide alternative methods to aid them.

Educators who want to understand why a lesson is “hard” can significantly impact lives.

It is not an easy task to undertake, to say the least. It could be the reason most would rather say, “not all students can be reached.” It is definitely an easier route.

But, as a result, students suffer. Just as teachers need to change, so do students.

It is not easy for students to break the studying habits they have formed over the years, but it is necessary.

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa says, “The system is broken, but with a change of mindset and action by educators, it can be fixed.”

Schools, teachers, parents, and students all need to come together. Not as a large group, in a giant theater hall or meeting room, but as a support team for each child.

No student is like the other, and neither is their learning style.

It does not make sense to think that one way of teaching works for everyone. There must be a better education strategy to present every student with the ability to learn their own way.

Robert McDougal believes it is time for an “education upgrade.” Even if that means change can only come with one teacher at a time.

Educators must stop having the mindset that some students are just unreachable. Instead, create and commit to a plan that makes the opposite come true.

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Educator Robert McDougal States California Schools Need To Better Reflect The Learning Styles Of Every Student

Robert McDougal is an experienced educator in Costa Mesa, CA. Over the years, Robert McDougal has gained insight into California’s education system.

Robert McDougal’s expertise and robust teaching history have shown him what the system is lacking. Robert McDougal has expressed this in the past.

“California schools need to better reflect the learning styles of every student.”

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa possesses a master’s degree in English Language Learning and TESOL certification. His background includes classroom teaching and learning centers.

Throughout Southern California, Robert McDougal worked at language institutes and individual tutoring hubs.

Robert McDougal states, “It [California schools] must better cater to the needs of ALL learners.”

Robert McDougal sees a deficiency in California’s education system. He believes it does not deliver Spanish speakers the right to a proper education.

Robert McDougal knows a lot about the importance of inclusiveness in teachings. Robert has made many efforts to improve education for non-English speaking students.

McDougal helps facilities to develop, edit, and expand their learning curriculum.

Robert McDougal supports Spanish speakers with their studies. He feels the state of California should do the same.

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Robert McDougal’s Thoughts on Non-Native English Speakers Struggle To Receive A Proper Education in California

Seasoned educator Robert McDougal expresses his strong views of California education.

Robert holds a master’s degree in English Language Learning and TESOL certification. For years, Robert McDougal traveled across the US and Central America, educating others.

Robert McDougal’s robust teaching history taught him a lot about the education system. He is now a language learning expert in Costa Mesa, CA.

Robert McDougal is especially passionate about helping non-native English speakers receive an education. He strives to help everyone reach their full potential.

Robert McDougal believes California is not doing enough to support native Spanish speakers. He feels the state needs to do more to include non-English speakers in its education system.

Robert says that English language learners often face many challenges. Some hurdles include experiencing education with unqualified teachers and limited learning environments.

The outcome of situations, like the ones listed, is never good. It causes non-native English students to struggle and develop a dependency on teachers.

The ability to gain real lessons and knowledge is unachievable.

Robert McDougal has much experience in the field of education.

He specializes in English instruction for native Spanish speakers. He is well-informed about the curriculum system and what it lacks.

“The California education system needs to improve greatly,” says Robert McDougal.

He continues by saying, “It must better cater to the needs of ALL learners.”

California has been among the states that tried to pass the law that schools teach in English only. Their efforts came true in 1998 when California voters enacted Proposition 227.

The Prop required California schools to teach in English only. Schools had to stop providing bilingual education programs.

In 2016, fortunately, this law changed.

California passed Prop 58, which undid Prop 227. The new Proposition allows school districts to present parents with native-speaking options.

Although Prop 58 wiped out much of Prop 227, Robert McDougal stresses this is not enough, and he would know.

Robert McDougal’s experience includes classroom teaching and learning centers. He has worked at language institutes and individual tutoring hubs throughout Southern California.

Robert helps many learning facilities develop, edit, and expand their existing curriculum. He strives to help Spanish speakers receive a proper education. His changes to the curriculum better reflect the learning styles of every student.

Robert McDougal hopes California will do the same. The state needs to work towards improving inclusivity in education.

Robert McDougal’s goal is for California’s current education system to include aiding Spanish learners.


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Robert McDougal Wins English Language Instruction Award from the Southern California TESOL Society

Robert McDougal, an English Language Learning (ELL) instructor and institute director in Costa Mesa, recently won the annual English Language Instruction Award for 2019 from the Southern California TESOL Society. The Society honors one standout teacher, curriculum writer, or program administrator each year who demonstrates excellence in the field of ELL/ESL instruction. The reception will be held on Oct. 28 at the Costa Mesa Library at 8 p.m.

Maria McNamara, President of the Southern California TESOL Society, shared that Robert McDougal was the selected winner in 2019 because of his ongoing commitment to grassroots movements for immigrant families in Costa Mesa, as well as the landmark success of the Robert McDougal English Language Institute.

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute has quickly become a neighborhood favorite destination for English instruction in Costa Mesa and throughout Southern California. The institute serves adult learners, as well as children, both with and without disabilities. The center’s instructors are all experts in their field, and the institute has recently expanded to include a meal program for low-income families, weeklong ELL intensives for adult learners, and a preschool for both native and non-native English speakers.

“We appreciate Robert McDougal’s willingness to go above and beyond for his students,” McNamara said. “In particular, his ELL institute holds classes at a variety of schedules to accommodate the unique needs of working and often low-income families. Robert McDougal Costa Mesa’s creative curriculum development and openness to students from every background have made him a standout expert in the field of English language instruction for non-native English speakers.”

Of the award, Robert McDougal Costa Mesa shared, “I am deeply honored to be the chosen recipient of the annual English Language Instruction Award from the Southern California TESOL Society. I have long admired the Society for what they do in the community, and I am proud to have my efforts recognized by such a respected institution. English language instruction is the dearest thing to my heart, and it’s important that we continue to improve as teachers and community advocates.”

Robert McDougal Costa Mesa is a seasoned expert in the world of English Language Learning instruction. He has taught English to non-native speakers across all age groups and backgrounds for nearly a decade. Robert McDougal Costa Mesa has also written, developed, and tested ELL curriculum for a variety of schools, summer programs, TESOL instruction facilities, and tutoring centers. Robert McDougal has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English language instruction for non-native English speakers.

For more information about the Southern California TESOL Society or the Robert McDougal English Language Institute, contact Robert McDougal Costa Mesa at the official institute webpage.

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute Hosts a Party and Book Giveaway For Halloween Weekend

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute, in Costa Mesa, California, will host a Halloween party and book giveaway on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019.

The institute, which opened just a few short months ago, is already beloved by locals. The institute, run by well-known ESL/ELL instructor Robert Bouton McDougal, specializes in teaching English to non-native English speakers of all ages.

The Halloween parties on Saturday and Sunday will begin at 1 p.m. Participants of all ages are welcome and are encouraged to wear costumes. Trick-or-treating begins at 1:30, and spooky entertainment and delicious drinks and refreshments will be provided. There will also be Halloween-themed games for little ones, a costume contest, and a major book giveaway. Each partygoer can pick two free books from the onsite Robert McDougal Little Library to take home with them permanently.

In addition, there will be an inexpensive raffle for a free week of English language instruction at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute.

“We want to be integrated into the community as much as possible,” Robert Bouton McDougal shared. “We hope to produce many more free holiday events and giveaways in the future that everyone in the area can enjoy, no matter their background or income. We especially want to emphasize the joy and importance of reading, so all of our events will incorporate free educational materials and books for kids and older readers as well.”

Robert Bouton McDougal is an English Language Learning (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor, curriculum developer, and editor with over a decade of experience. With both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in ELL instruction, the TESOL-certified teacher is a well-known, respected fixture in the Southern California educational landscape.

Robert McDougal has taught in classrooms, language institutes, and tutoring centers for over six years full-time. He is especially passionate about writing original curriculum pieces and working with non-native English speakers with disabilities, young children, and seniors who struggle with English. He has advocated for various issues in the Costa Mesa public school system and has partnered with the Costa Mesa Library many times over the years to produce events, workshops, and intensives for non-native English speakers.

Most recently, he opened the Robert McDougal English Language Institute, where he runs a preschool as well as intensives and weekend and evening ESL classes for learners of all ages.

Contact the Robert McDougal English Language Institute for more information on classes, events, and educational resources, or to receive text or email notifications on upcoming discounts and events.

Robert Bouton McDougal Expands English Language Institute To Include Preschool

The Robert Bouton McDougal English Language Institute in Costa Mesa, CA, has become increasingly popular with English language learners in the area. With expert teachers and flexible schedules, the institute serves hundreds of students of all ages every week, from young children to adults and seniors.

Now, ESL expert and renowned instructor/educator Robert McDougal is capitalizing on the institute’s success by opening an onsite preschool for three- and four-year-olds.

While children at the Robert Bouton McDougal English Language Institute Preschool don’t have to be non-native English speakers, the curriculum will be tailored to fit the needs of both native and non-native speakers. Robert McDougal has already hired an expert staff of early childhood educators, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in classroom management, ESL instruction, and the particular needs of preschool-aged children. Children will enjoy hands-on activities such as crafts and athletics, as well as outdoor play and reading instruction.

The Robert Bouton McDougal English Language Institute Preschool will cater to Costa Mesa’s diverse population. The school’s aim is to serve families from every socioeconomic and educational background. Classes will be offered for various schedules, so families with any work situations or other obligations will be able to have their children attend. Tuition will be on a sliding scale, and both children with and without disabilities are more than welcome. Facilities are fully accessible and ADA compliant. Healthy snacks and three healthy meals will be offered every day.

Robert Bouton McDougal has taught English language learners of all ages for nearly a decade. Robert McDougal has developed an ESL curriculum for a number of training centers, vocational training institutions, schools, and programs. Robert McDougal has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Language Learning and a TESOL certification. Robert McDougal specializes in teaching students with disabilities, adult learners, and non-native English speakers who know little to no English.

Robert McDougal has helped hundreds of students become fluent in the English language as a classroom instructor, online educator, and private tutor. Robert McDougal has given back to the Southern California community in a number of ways, including offering ESL instruction at discounted prices for students in need. Robert McDougal has volunteered for many years with the Books and Babies program, which provides free books to young single mothers in Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Los Angeles for their children’s first two years of life.

For more information about Robert Bouton McDougal’s new preschool or the Robert Bouton McDougal English Language Institute, contact Robert McDougal through the form at the institute’s website.

English Language Learning Expert Robert Bouton McDougal Opens Free Adult Literacy Classes in Costa Mesa, CA

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute is proud to announce the launch of a free series of ESL classes at the new library in Costa Mesa, CA. The classes will be offered to non-native English speakers and other community members free of charge beginning in the fall of 2019.

Classes will cover everyday English language essentials. Students will be expected to attend every class, as small group and paired work will be key to the course series. While courses will be focused primarily on everyday conversation, breakout seminars will cover public speaking, technology, manners and etiquette, emergency/crisis situations, confidence, nonverbal communication, pop culture terminology, and one “wild card” area of focus selected by the group of students.

“There are many English language learners in Costa Mesa,” Robert McDougal shares of the growing need for low-cost ESL classes in the area. “Additionally, Southern California is home to a diverse population, including immigrants and many low-income individuals and families. These courses will help community members learn together in a safe, supportive, and fun environment from qualified ESL instructors who have years of education and experience under their belt.”

The new Costa Mesa/Donald Dungan Library opened in May 2019, after the old Costa Mesa Technology Library closed. The new location, says McDougal, is in many ways the ideal spot for the new program.

“Libraries are essential to public health, education, community spirit, and well-being,” Robert Bouton McDougal says. “The new library in Costa Mesa is the perfect example of a community coming together around valuable free and low-cost resources. My team of ESL instructors is so proud to bring this service to the community.”

Robert Bouton McDougal is an experienced ESL instructor who has developed ELL/ESL curriculum for a number of schools and learning centers over the course of his decade of English language instruction. McDougal boasts both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in ESL pedagogy. He has worked with students of all ages as a classroom instructor, small group teacher, and private tutor to achieve their full potential in English fluency, confidence, and public speaking. Robert McDougal is also certified in TESOL instruction.

Robert Bouton McDougal will be delivering the classes with six other instructors beginning in October 2019. Interested participants ages 18 and over can sign up for classes now by heading to the form available at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute website. A similar series for non-native English speaking children and teens will be offered at the library in the spring.